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Edwin Dyson

Duncan Hind

David Mitchell

Werner Ullrich

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What do we do and why do we do it?

Firstly, the basics. Yes, we have an excellent team of people working with and for us, and yes we have a massive set of varying skills and experiences.

And yes, we can bring all of this to bear to store your samples and materials safely and securely, to solve your cryogenic and gas problems, and generally make your lives easier. With the added bonus of sometimes saving you money, making you more efficient, or improving your bottom line.

The real key is that we know all about the cold stuff. And you know about the clever or technological stuff. As we’ve worked with liquid nitrogen for many years, we understand its properties and how to design a safe and efficient system that requires minimal maintenance and will work properly for years. We love working with liquid.

We’ve got years of contacts and relationships, we can harness these to provide great equipment and parts at great prices. We’ve got people in the workshop who take pride in doing a good job, and in getting things right the first time around.

We’d love to help you manage the risks in your business or improve your operations by using our ‘why’.

Cryo Storage Solutions can safely store your samples and save you from a disaster. We can build you a liquid or gas system to be proud of and that meets all relevant safety standards. We can provide you with top-notch, ultra reliable, and ultra efficient cryogenic equipment.