Disaster Recovery

We can offer a comprehensive and responsive Disaster Recovery service to further manage your business risks

Have you planned for what might happen to your precious inventory if say, for instance:

– The power went out or your freezers failed?
– You ran out of liquid nitrogen or experienced delivery failure?
– There were issues in your building?
– Your business was going insolvent?
– Or Any Other Awful And Damaging Occurrence?
– We don’t want to see you suffering any financial losses or repetitional damage because a freezer failed or that you ran out of space.

We can assist with our suite of Disaster Recovery solutions. Led by a consultation with you to identify the potential risks and solutions to mitigate, we would put forward a contingency plan.

That plan could be to arrange for a series of cryo-shippers to appear at your business for you to fill, and us to take back to our ultra-low and cryogenic freezers. We could also turn up with a truck to lift your entire Dewar or bio-bank from your building to ours. We could insert secondary temperature monitoring to maintain sample integrity, and ensure that on-board electricity supply would further protect your samples and biological materials.

Disaster Recovery

Safety First

Unfortunately on occasion things do go wrong. We can help you with a contingency plan, otherwise known as Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery. We can help you with an on-call contract to help you maintain temperature security of your products or samples.

If something happens, you give us a call and we’ll be with you quickly to remove your products and take them to our facility in Cardiff.

-80 or cryogenic, we’ve a solution for you.