Cryogenic Equipment

World-class cryogenic equipment from Cryotherm of Germany. EN and ASME variations for Dewars, biobanks, cryostats, SiVL, and lots more.

We are the exclusive UK and Eire agents and distributors for the sale and supply of the Cryotherm product range. We offer new sales and a full range of accessories and spare parts, and can also advise on the inspection and re-validation of owned Cryotherm, Messer, or Messer-Griesheim Dewars.

You can view the entire Cryotherm catalogue and brochure , this shows all their Dewars, SiVL, Biobanks, and liquid storage and distribution equipment.

Cryo Storage Solutions has negotiated some very competitive pricing. In order to take advantage of this and to learn more about how we can support you, please call Edwin on 02921 303518.

Our own bio-banks, Dewars, and SiVL system are from Cryotherm of Germany and are ultra-reliable and efficient.

Cryotherm has been in the cryogenic business since 1964 with the development, manufacture, sales, and servicing of vacuum super-inulated vessels, plug and play line solutions, racking, regulation and control devices, and turn-key solutions for the most varied applications of cryogenic technology and engineering; including helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and LNG

We can design and install a full SiVL pipework system including copper vent lines, gas detection systems, a biobanking solution, or spare parts for your existing fleet of APOLLO Dewars. And everything in-between.