Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Working with stem cell, biotech and life science companies, Cryo Storage Solutions provides reliable, regulated, and compliant cryogenic storage solutions. We are locally focused and internationally available with strong. We aim to be the primary supplier of extreme low temperature storage facilities and crisis management services in the UK, to meet the increasing demand from the medical and academic research establishments, hospital, pharmaceutical, and stem cell markets.

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What is Cryogenic Storage?

When you need to preserve a biological sample for as long as possible, the best chance you have is with cryogenic storage. Freezing a sample with a mechanical freezer and traditional compressor system can get you as low as -86°C. Most ultra-low freezers operate that this level, are safe to operate and have the added bonus of large storage capacities.

However, even at temperatures that low, metabolic activity is only slowed. This means the sample will continue to decay over time, all be it slowly. If you want the metabolic activity to cease altogether, however, then you will need temperatures as low as -132°C or lower and for that, you need cryogenic fluids.

How can we prove the temperatures?

The Cryotherm BIOSAFE biobank has a reliable temperature monitoring system, and we also subscribe to CheckIT’s secondary temperature monitoring service. This allows us to compare temperature readings, and gives us a 24/7 alert service should the temperatures in the biobanks fall below certain parameters.

What back up systems do you have?

We have spare biobanks, and system spares such as temperature probes and level monitoring probes. We also have a 24/7 service agreement with a neighbouring cryogenic engineering company, this includes both pipework and vessel maintenance but also supplied of liquid nitrogen in an emergency situation.

Do you have a Quality Management System in place?

We are licenced by the Human Tissue Authority for storage of cells and human tissue samples. This is for both Human Application and Relevant Material. In order to satisfy the HTA, we had to prove that we understood the processes, procedures, and protocols necessary for safe and secure storage by developing a comprehensive QMS. This is in place and is under constant review.

We also have recently gained recognition of our ISO9001 Quality Management System.

Can you store at other temperatures?

Yes we can. We have -80 freezers on site, plus a comprehensive support relationship from MTS CryoStores.

Are you able to transport my samples?

We could. But as logistics and transportation is not our raison d’etre, we have partnered with World Courier in order to offer you the best service possible. World Courier, we believe, are the best at temperature-controlled shipping, and we would prefer to have your precious cells and samples in their capable hands for transportation.

What other services could you offer?

We distribute cryogenic equipment on behalf of Cryotherm in Germany and can design and install an SiVL pipework system. We can complete PSSR Inspections on pressure systems, and work with you to improve your gas and cryogenic capabilities.

What is SiVL?

SiVL is an acronym for Super insulated Vacuum Lines, basically a type of thermos flask but in tubular form. If the liquid nitrogen is at -180 or so in the storage vessel, it needs to be delivered at -180 at the point of use. An SiVL pipework system does just that, shielding the liquid gas from heat and warmth and minimising the boil-off, delivering cold liquid nitrogen to your biobanks, cryostats, or experiments.